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 So... if you are here, that means you are wondering  who are the ladies of Aroma Cafe GA? 

First and foremost, we are 3 friends that have become sisters over the years. Now, we are business partners! We are Mothers, Veterans, and business savvy women.  Combined, we have been in our careers over 40 yrs, and were all feeling it was time for a change.  One day we were discussing our goals and dreams for our futures, and WALAH...Aroma Cafe GA was birthed.


In our immediate area, during our visits to local coffee shops/carts/mobile trucks, we noticed something was missing. Most coffee shops and offerings are masculine in asthetics. This lead to realization there is a need for a specialized, gourmet coffee experience with a splash of color and softness in the metro Atlanta area. 


Our team's love for gourmet coffee, decorating, and event planning led to the idea of starting a mobile coffee cart, Aroma Café Ga, LLC.   Aroma is passionate about providing a unique delicious coffee experience while curating an event to remember.

Our Promise

​At Aroma Café Ga, LLC we are focused on serving our community through coffee. We believe it is essential to empower and support all ethnicities by making it more accessible for everyone to enjoy the luxury coffee experience. As such, Aroma will make a yearly donation to an organization that is committed to empowering, advancing, and supporting minorities. We will also continue to ALWAYS do business ONLY with coffee growers/roasters that sell fair-traded, ethnically sourced coffee beans. 


 We vow to foster the best coffee experience for all to love. 

Meet Our Team...

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